What is Bank Vault?
The sole point of contact for the authentication of artworks created by the British artist Lincoln Townley. We hold a database of all Lincoln Townley artworks sold through official channels.

Who is authorised to sell Lincoln Townley artworks?
Lincoln Townley has no authorised dealer, gallery or art agent.

New works are available directly from the Lincoln Townley Studio or through Bank Vault.

Secondary market sales are authorised by Bank Vault through an exclusive solus agreement with Sotheby’s New York.

How does Bank Vault authenticate a genuine Lincoln Townley artwork?
New works are minted through a process recording the title, size, medium, and collection that an artwork belongs to. Each genuine artwork is allocated a serial number and security hologram, and is supplied with an invoice from the Lincoln Townley Studio Group as well as a certificate of authenticity carrying the signature of Lincoln Townley.

I already own a Lincoln Townley artwork. Can I get it authenticated?
If you have a record of the title, size, medium and collection that an artwork belongs to, and also have the signed certificate of authenticity from the Lincoln Townley Studio Group together with the original purchase invoice from an official seller, you can submit the details for verification here.

To begin the 3-stage process of authenticating an artwork, get started below.