Bank Vault is the only body authorised to authenticate artwork by the British contemporary artist Lincoln Townley. This is done to aid buyers, guide them towards authentic works, and prevent misrepresentations.

Many Lincoln Townley artworks have been produced by the artist since 2012, the majority of which are stored in an official archive, and are rarely released. Due to older works having been handled by third parties, the authentication process can be lengthy and challenging. Please provide as much information as you can to assist in this process.

Genuine dealers, art sales platforms and reputable auction houses will not proceed with the sale of Lincoln Townley artwork without a Certificate of Authenticity from Bank Vault, and corresponding entry in the Vault’s database. The certificate will also help insure the work for its correct value.

How does this work?

  • please fill out the form below, providing as much detail as you can on the history of your artwork
  • once submitted, the process will determine if you have a genuine commercial work of art by Lincoln Townley
  • should the work be verified we will issue you with a Bank Vault Certificate of Authentication, should you not already have one
  • we use the information provided to record you as the owner, preventing duplication or misattributions
  • If you have multiple Lincoln Townley works that you’d like to have considered for authentication, please complete a separate form for each work

How much does it cost?

  • processing an artwork for authentication is £800 + vat

    Please now upload the following images (images must be clear and in-focus - JPGs only - individual files must be no larger than 2Mb each):

    1. A straight on image of the Artwork as a whole.

    2. An image of the reverse of the work. This is mandatory for all Originals, and any Screenprints numbered on the reverse.

    3. Close up images of the edition number, signature (where applicable) and any other markings.

    4. Proof of purchase including all receipts and provenance plus two images of your photo identification. One with yourself, and the second next to the edition number or signature on the artwork. (Max 2Mb each; jpg only)